Cottage Kit includes:

Instructions emailed to you

cigar box

wall paper


wood for loft and kitchen floors

fabric for quilt & curtains

fabric for easy chair

box for bed

strips of cloth for braided rug

Sculpy for dishes

caps & tabs for chairs

wood for ladder

clippings for books


foam brush

battery operated tea light

Shadowbox Kit includes:

Instructions emailed to you

narrow cigar box

wall paper

wood for window sill or table

wall art and window


wool roving for mouse


Items you’ll need:

glue gun & glue sticks




small container of Mod Podge


nail polish to paint kitchen chairs

exacto knife

self-healing cutting board (quilting)

scrap of cardboard to work on


Kids’ Gallery

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. To date, we’ve taught over 200 kids how to make The Little Bits Cottage and there are as many variations as children. Below are some of our favorites. Our kits will get you started, then your head will start spinning with other ideas. Just take a look at the little bits in your recycle bin and you’ll envision book shelves, flower vases, end tables.... it doesn’t stop. We guarantee you and your kids will loose track of time and get lost in a very special creative zone!

Inside the couch is a candy box and a scrap of wood; the legs are skewers; and the slipcover is an old wool sweater. The hanging lamp is a battery operated tea light wrapped with paper. It hangs from the ceiling with a string that goes through a hole on the top. The string is attached to a button to secure it. This bookshelf was made from a small jewelry box, popsicle sticks, skewers, beads and painted with white nail polish. It took a few tries to get it right!!

Cottage Kit

Shadowbox Kit

The Little Bits Cottage

Instruction Booklet is available as a PDF for $10

Our Cottage Kits...

will save you from having to go to a stinky cigar shop to rummage through boxes, use up a spool of thread, drink up 3 bottles of wine, 2 bottles of beer, 2 cans of pop, eat a box of raisins and a popsicle. But the next time you do, you’ll think twice about throwing away all the bits! The best part: Your kids will forget they have iPods & iPads and they’ll put their hands & heads to work! Check out our Kids’ Gallery below for inspiration.

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