Building a Bridge to Summer: A Virtual Art Show

Dear Friends of The Little Bits Workshop,

It’s sobering and overwhelming not knowing when our young crafters will gather again to create. Along with the all the others who provide enrichment for children, we feel a deep sense of loss. I have thought of doing an art show for a long NOW IS THE TIME!!!

In an attempt stay afloat and to support our teachers who have so faithfully worked with me for so many years, I’m putting up this gallery. Some originals are for sale. High quality framable paper prints and stretched canvas Giclee prints are available of everything on this page.

To order click HERE 

•Reproductions range from $25-$600. •Originals range from $100 - $1200

Trailside Murals

These four paintings below were done for The Trailside Museum of Natural History here in River Forest. They were photographed and enlarged for the upper walls of the museum lobby. The originals are acrylic on birch and each 48” wide. The originals are not for sale.

Giclee prints are available for $300 for 48X13 Order Prints Here

For custom sizes email:

Detail of “Fall”





Summer Sky

We live on the top floor over The Little Bits Workshop. The year we moved up here, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of seeing the whole sky every day. 2018 was a year of cloud paintings for me!

This was the view from my son’s window one day in the summer of 2018. Original Acrylic on canvas, 30”X24” $500   Purchase Original or Order Prints Here


This word, “hygge” is loaded with many layers of meaning. The root of it is derived from the word, “hug” and in this time of quarantine, isn’t that what we need? In Scandinavian cultures it IS the culture. On one level, it’s the art of being cozy and happy in dark nordic winters. It’s a cup of tea, a fire, a candle, but really it’s deeper than that. This feeling of safety and community is rooted in a homogeneous culture of strong communities, families, structure and most importantly faith.

Now more than ever, as we face an uncertain future, this painting embodies what will help us all survive. For the moment, we are being isolated, but ultimately, we cannot continue in isolation, we need each other. Our faith needs to go deep, we’ll have to get out of our comfort zones to help each other. This painting is loosely based on the landscape of Oak Park and River Forest against the backdrop of Chicago off in the distance. Then up in the upper left corner is that Northwoods or Michigan cabin that many have or dream of where one can see the stars and not hear the urban hummmmm.

Acrylic on canvas 58X46   Order Prints Here

Thatcher Woods

Backyard Friends

A hummingbird moth, robin and rabbit are regular visitors to our 411 Park backyard “happytat” along with hummingbirds, monarchs, tiger swallowtails, goldfinches and occasional deer, raccoons and possums.

One day we even saw an American Kestral fly by. Pretty amazing for such an urban location.

Original Acrylic on canvas, 48X30 $1200   Purchase Original or Order Prints Here

The Whimsy of Gnarl

In 1992 or so, I started noticing wildflowers and birds. I studied field guides to learn all their names. Paul and I would often hike in Winfield Mounds near our home. The plants I discovered during that time inspired these pen and ink drawings because it was as though the forest and meadow had come alive for me.

Pen & Ink drawings, sizes vary   Order Prints Here

“Practice Pieces Make Masterpieces!”

Kids probably get tired of hearing me saying this, but sometimes they get very stuck trying to make perfect art. And that’s just not how it works. Not everything an artist does is wonderful, some pieces are fast, messy experiments. Each of these was just that.

Original Acrylic on canvas, wood and paper $100 each Purchase Original Here


Bloodroot in Thatcher Woods

Acrylic on Wood 18X11

Detail of “Spring”