2020 MakerCamp



Camps will be held in outdoor shelters at The Little Bits Workshop rain or shine. Campers will be given plenty of space. We will only cancel if weather is extremely severe. There are no refunds for camps or days with extreme weather.


•There is a minimum of 8 children permitted  in each camp all programming will be outdoors.

•We will take each child's temperature at check-in every day.

•Children will not be admitted if their temperature is over 98.6.

•Camps will be 2 hours to minimize the need to use the restroom. A staff member will wipe down all restroom surfaces with disinfectant after every use. 

•Each child will have their own crate to keep their water bottle in for the week.

•We have 2 large tents which will seat 4 children in each at large tables.

•Campers will have assigned seats for the week if tables are needed and depending on the project, we will also provide individual ground mats to sit on so kids can spread out. Most of the projects will not take the entire camp to make so we can get for nature hikes.