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  1. Covid-19 Check-in Procedures and class logistics:

  2. Workshops will have no more than 12 children and all programming will be outdoors in tents. In the case of extreme weather, that day of camp will be cancelled or rescheduled in advance. There will be no refunds for any cancelled days.

  3. We will take each child's temperature at check-in every day. Those exceeding 99 degrees will not be admitted.

  4. Children and instructors will wear face masks at all times. If a child needs a mask break, we will have a designated spot away from the group where they can take a break for few minutes.

  5. Programs will be 2 hours to minimize the need for snacks and restroom use. A staff member will wipe down all restroom surfaces with disinfectant after every use. 

  6. Each child will have their own space to keep their water bottle in for the week.  If they are thirsty, they can step away from the the group and remove their mask temporarily. Children should be given a substantial breakfast to minimize the need for snacks. We will keep prepackaged pretzels on hand for emergencies, but WILL NOT  be having an official group snack time.

  7. We have 2 large tents which will seat up to 12 children.

  8. Waivers must be signed by parents.

Check out our local network of crafters’ websites here.

The Math of Craft.... a week measuring five times and cutting once. Kids built tables with repurposed materials: a local carpenter’s scraps (Thanks Bob!!). Then we tiled the table tops with left-overs from a bathroom tile project (Thanks Kathleen). Kids learned how build and scavenge for free materials. The cherry on top is the little drawer on the shelf under the table top: cigar boxes embellished by each child with paint and Mod Podge.

During Extreme 2012 Knit & Crochet Camp, we yarn bombed Lake Street with a little bit of magic.

Our campers hand sewed 6 beautiful street banners for River Forest in 2012 all from repurposed scraps and vintage doilies. They were displayed all summer along Lake Street between Park & Franklin.

Our Good Guerilla Artists continued the mural in 2013 with words of wisdom along Central Ave in River Forest.

Click HERE to check out 
Lisa Polderman’s 
Sewing Machine 
Buying GuideSewingMachine.html

Are you thinking about buying or giving a sewing machine?

What’s Next::

2021 Summer Camp

Registration is open!


We’ve added NEW MiniWorkshops indoors:

Monday: Crafternoons

Tuesday: Sewing

Wednesday: Knitting

Thursday: RockPaperScissors (4-5yr olds)

Wall Tent Workshop Schedule:

Monday: Sewing

Tuesday: Sewing/Knitting

Wednesday AM & PM: RockPaperScissors

Wednesday: MakerNature

Thursday: MakerNature

Friday: Crafternoons

Saturday: Sew/Knit (indside and outside)

Enjoying snacks and hot cocoa in our Bushcraft Kid Cave made out of repurposed Christmas Trees

and built by our

Thursday scouts...

Junior Camp Runway 2017

MakerNature Camp


The Little Bits Workshop is a cozy DIY maker-space tucked away in the heart of River Forest, Illinois where kids of all ages learn to use their hands, hearts and heads simultaneously to make wonderful things. Our response to the pandemic has been to teach all of our classes outside. Now that it’s getting colder, we have set up a heated Wall Tent Workshop that is well ventilated and SO MUCH FUN to create in!!


Our Summer Camp artists have made their mark in Thatcher Woods....

Our new winter wall tent! (friluftsliv & hygge)