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The Math of Craft.... a week measuring five times and cutting once. Kids built tables with repurposed materials: a local carpenter’s scraps (Thanks Bob!!). Then we tiled the table tops with left-overs from a bathroom tile project (Thanks Kathleen). Kids learned how build and scavenge for free materials. The cherry on top is the little drawer on the shelf under the table top: cigar boxes embellished by each child with paint and Mod Podge.

During Extreme 2012 Knit & Crochet Camp, we yarn bombed Lake Street with a little bit of magic.

Our campers hand sewed 6 beautiful street banners for River Forest in 2012 all from repurposed scraps and vintage doilies. They were displayed all summer along Lake Street between Park & Franklin.

Our Good Guerilla Artists continued the mural in 2013 with words of wisdom along Central Ave in River Forest.

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Our Marc Chagall mosaic of bits on display at the River Forest Public Library.

We miss you Sophia!

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The Little Bits Workshop is a cozy DIY maker-space tucked away in the heart of River Forest, Illinois where kids of all ages learn to use their hands, hearts and heads simultaneously to make wonderful things.


What’s Next::

ELFDAYS are back!

Wednesday December 18, 3:15-5pm

Monday December 23, 9am-noon

Hey Kids! Come make wonderful gifts for your family, friends and teachers! CLICK HERE to register.

Winter MakerNature Camp 2020

January 2-3, 9am-noon ages 6+

Two cozy mornings of making and exploring

our winter forest. CLICK HERE to register.


Monday Crafternoons 3:15-4:45pm

Tuesday Sew Smart 3:15-5pm

Wednesday Sew Amazing 3:15-5pm

Thursday Bushcraft 3:15-5pm

Thursday MakerNature Club 3:15-5pm

Thursday Sew Many Things!! 3:15-5pm

Friday Crafternoons 3:15-4:45pm

Saturday Knitting 9:30-11:30am

Saturday Sew Amazing 9:30-11:30am


Tuesday: Hatch, Afterhours,

Wednesday: Irving, Eagle Extras